Picture Books For Bad People: The Collected Works

John Tucker
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For sale, one PDF, never (before) seen; introducing Picture Books For Bad People, a compilation of everything I’ve released in the past three years. It includes eight full-length titles:

  • The Taxi
  • Night Watch
  • Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea
  • Bald
  • Adrift
  • Plan A/Plan B
  • CYDO
  • The King

And seven mini comics, some seeing official release for the very first time, including:

  • Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea (first draft)
  • Hell
  • Hated In The Nation: The Story of G.G. Allin (from Good Comics’ “Dead Singers Society IV”)
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Automated Refuse Containment Unit 490-X (previously unreleased)
  • Hello, Dolly! (Free Comic Book Day 2019 special)
  • Inventor of the Year
  • Calvin

It also includes a 40 page preview of my next book, "And Those That Are Saved Shall Be Carried Away", coming in 2020 to Kickstarter.

The PDF is yours to keep and do with as you please (other than “ripping it off”, if I catch you ripping me off boy then that's you finished). Look at it on your phone, on your computer, anything that has a screen. Read it on the TV if you want, I don't mind.

I want this!

A PDF of “Picture Books For Bad People: The Collected Works of John Tucker”, including eight full titles and seven mini comics.

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323 pages


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Picture Books For Bad People: The Collected Works

1 rating
I want this!